MSPA Style Tumblr Theme


Well, Sock’s adventure had someone asking for the layout, the original theme maker has deactivated their tumblr, and the code was messy/lacking a lot of features, so I decided to fix it up into something workable. It looks like the original was mostly built off of Redux, so I’m not going to upload it to the theme garden, just here.


  • Original theme by
  • Then edited by
  • Fixed up into current state by me!
  • Good for fan adventures, will probably need editing to be a good personal blog.
  • Install by downloading the .txt or copying the “Raw” link, and then clicking “Customize” on your blog. Click the “Edit HTML” button, and the options should expand. Select all, delete it, and then paste the HTML for the new theme in the box. Click “Appearance” to go back, and then save your changes!

Customization Options:

  • Like a zillion color options, pre-set to imitate
  • Upload your own Header image
  • Disqus comments support
  • Google Analytics support
  • Pick your own Body & Accent fonts
  • Description text shows up in sidebar
  • Two custom links in the header
  • Story Tag: Pick a tag, and the New Game and Start Over links will display that tag in chronological order.
  • Display Photo posts at full resolution, OR locked to a max of 500px wide.
  • Custom CSS box works for any little tweaks you wish to add.

update 6/27/2012: The RSS link in the dropdown was busted, yikes! That’s fixed. I also transferred the code to Pastebin.

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