Q: you post about the bartimaeus trilogy a lot. what's it about and should i look into reading(?) it?

i’m terribly sorry it took a million years to respond to this i hope u follow or… some.. thing… hhh.


OH BOY, FRIEND!! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY READ THE BARTIMAEUS BOOKS!! if this summary sounds good to you at least!

it’s a series about MAGIC. much like harry potter, it’s set in a modern-ish England and one of the main characters is a young adopted boy (Nathaniel) who is learning magic. UNlike harry potter, magic in this universe is actually summoning demons to do your shit. 8) so one of the other main characters is a djinn that he has called to do his bidding, the titular Bartimaeus! the third main character is a girl (Kitty) who’s here to FIGHT THE FUCKIN SYSTEM.

this is because most magicians are actually p big assholes- turns out when you have super special powers you maybe abuse them?? esp when the power itself is already someone else’s power, really. So there’s all that running as the undercurrent (and sometimes over..current…) of this urban fantasy plot of WIZARD POLITICAL INTRIGUE and GUERRILLA VIOLENCE AGAINST ALL THAT NOISE and DISCOVERING THE HISTORY OF HOW THINGS GOT THIS WAY.

It’s v charmingly written, in a mix of both first and third person (different chunks of the book focus on different characters’ viewpoints, Bartimaeus is all 1st person, the other two are 3rd) with funny footnotes and stuff. The audiobooks are also really good! They’re read by Simon Jones and he does voices and everything

i like them everyone pls read them and cry at me a lot thx

just curious- why do you portray dirk with red hair?

cause this basically

it doesnt much matter now. its become borderlands country in these parts.

Hello your Bartimaeus and Ptolemy fan art is the most adorable thing I've seen ever <3 Could you maybe do some more? I love all of your art so far, it's gorgeous!

Yeah of course! I’ll see about some doodles tonight when I get home. There’s already some more in my tags, too, if you haven’t looked!

Thank you :)

Not really; just those dorks. :D

ok friend carl it is

Can you please do more Van Helsing art? Your style is so great and I love it!

lmao YEAH SURE is there anything in particular you wanna see

thank you!!

Never ever stop drawing Eyeshield 21. I love you so much hhhhhhhhhhh, that brot3. CAN I CRY.

omg anon you are cute. when i get home tonight i will draw some more mao devilbat friends JUST FOR YOU.

so umm how do i even use note eraser??? your instructions make no sense on the site?

There was a second message about using Chrome in here, but I deleted it before I decided to answer this.

Note Eraser for Chrome has been busted since the update to 2.0 because…… i have no idea. It’s just broken, the @require that worked fine to tie in with jQuery doesn’t for Prototype.js and Google brings me basically no responses but “@require doesn’t work in Chrome” (but it does with jQuery, so I guess that’s wrong and it’s back to square one)

I’ve recruited a developer* to work on a solution and today he managed to make it functional….. as an extension. So I guess that’s how things will go for the Chrome version? There’s still work to do, it is even MORE complicated to install at the moment (if you think the instructions I did manage to write make no sense you should hear the current process to make it work haaahahahahaha,) but I’m hoping that he can sort out a “settings” page for the blacklist/whitelist to go in and everything will be good.
* read: forced my brother

I want to stress a LOT that I AM IN NO WAY A PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMER. I’m not even really a hobbyist when it comes to the Javascript this thing is written in. I’m not looking for a career doing any of this, so if I have work to focus on, or if I just don’t want to do it? Development and tech support go to the bottom of the priorities pile. I’m glad Note Eraser helps people, and I’m glad folks like the themes I write sometimes, but hopefully you all can understand that it isn’t exactly a productive use of my time.

Also if anyone who DOES have a real passion for Javascript is interested in picking up Note Eraser and running with it, please be my guest. I’m sure anyone who has used Javascript, uh…. ever… before picking up the project will be waaaayyy more capable than me.