Once you get this you must share five random facts about yourself. Then pass this on to 5-10 of your favourite followers.(◡‿◡✿)

OH OKAY UM. HUH. UHHH.what facts can i share.

  1. i have 8 less teeth than an adult human is meant to :) only 24! No wisdom teeth and only 4 premolars.
  2. wow its hard not to go straight for the gross medical facts what the heck. hmm. coding languages i dont know at all and have no interest in learning but have gotten caught up working in for projects: PHP, Actionscript, Javascript + 2 different Javascript libraries, livejournal’s theme engine thing way back in the day, ASP… probably more, almost entirely web languages. My dad’s a programmer and I grew up knowing a lot of HTML and having tons of computer books around Nowadays I’m his go-to source for CSS help.
  3. i drink a LOT of water. like, i just sort of habitually sip on it throughout the day. it’s a good excuse to get up from my desk for a moment for refills.
  4. my dog is asleep on my lap right now and its really warm and nice
  5. ok now he’s on the couch. he likes to sleep on piles or on sweaters i leave on the floor which is super cute. wait thats not a fact about me. uhh. I’M BAD ABOUT LEAVING CLOTHES ON THE FLOOR. there now it’s about me.

hi, can i ask what you save your images as. when i upload mine to tumblr they keep getting noise/pixelated round the edges of lines and i dont know how to stop it. It'd be a big help to know :)

I save almost everything through Photoshop’s “Save For Web” dialog as a .jpg, with the quality setting somewhere from 70 to 90.

Are you judging the artifacting on my images from my actual blog or the dashboard? Because on the dashboard, all the images have been resized to 500px wide, but I’ve coded my theme so it loads the full resolution images I originally uploaded. So the ones on my actual blog are going to be cleaner than you get on the dash.

There might not be anything you can do about the dash part. I will recommend though that any Photoshop user try out the Save For Web screen if they haven’t- the way you can preview the quality adjustment and resize the exported image without any fear of ruining your .psd is sooooooo useful, wow.

OH MY GOD THe Bartimaeus trilogy. I never see anything of it and it's like one of my favorite book series everrr. aaah thanks for posting your great art <3333

I HAVE MORE IN MY TAG IF YOU WANT IT!! i am madly in love with the books, i need to get back to my reread with all the methodical noting of description so I can draw more.

my favorite part of doing bartimaeus and ptolemy stuff is the tags on all the reblogs

because on one hand i’m cackling at everyone’s distress

and on the other I’M DYING HORRIBLY OF MY OWN

hey i heard it's your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY


thank you :3

so umm how do i even use note eraser??? your instructions make no sense on the site?

There was a second message about using Chrome in here, but I deleted it before I decided to answer this.

Note Eraser for Chrome has been busted since the update to 2.0 because…… i have no idea. It’s just broken, the @require that worked fine to tie in with jQuery doesn’t for Prototype.js and Google brings me basically no responses but “@require doesn’t work in Chrome” (but it does with jQuery, so I guess that’s wrong and it’s back to square one)

I’ve recruited a developer* to work on a solution and today he managed to make it functional….. as an extension. So I guess that’s how things will go for the Chrome version? There’s still work to do, it is even MORE complicated to install at the moment (if you think the instructions I did manage to write make no sense you should hear the current process to make it work haaahahahahaha,) but I’m hoping that he can sort out a “settings” page for the blacklist/whitelist to go in and everything will be good.
* read: forced my brother

I want to stress a LOT that I AM IN NO WAY A PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMER. I’m not even really a hobbyist when it comes to the Javascript this thing is written in. I’m not looking for a career doing any of this, so if I have work to focus on, or if I just don’t want to do it? Development and tech support go to the bottom of the priorities pile. I’m glad Note Eraser helps people, and I’m glad folks like the themes I write sometimes, but hopefully you all can understand that it isn’t exactly a productive use of my time.

Also if anyone who DOES have a real passion for Javascript is interested in picking up Note Eraser and running with it, please be my guest. I’m sure anyone who has used Javascript, uh…. ever… before picking up the project will be waaaayyy more capable than me.


ship day was nine months ago and even if it wasn’t i have such a flu right now i couldn’t sleep til 4am last night because i was literally having coughing fits every 2 minutes

so i really cant do any drawings right now ok

i understand the mistake of the people leaving me requests, i know you didn’t click through to the original post and look at the date, i know what my askbox’s title is, but hopefully any further people will click through to the front page and see this

its not happening right now im sorry

What is the code for this orange theme which you are using currently?

I’ve never published it! I intended to at one point, but it’s a bit of a mess and would need some work to put on the Theme Garden.

I wanna finish my new personal one before I retire this one and rework it. I’m partway through that, got all the structure done, just working out CSS details.