you’d think people would learn after the 5 million deviantart blowups that social media services do need to claim the ability to reproduce your work for their service

like if the claim like, royalties or some shit or the ability to reproduce your work outside of the service it’s wrong and should be yelled about (wasn’t this the instagram thing? and it was successfully protested) but like. you need to put it in your ToS that you make thumbnails and host the images uploaded by users. thats how this stuff works.

i dont know im old and im tired of people flipping their lids over the exact same clauses every two years

and another thing!!

it seems to me these days that you’re allowed to be a dorky dork nerd. it’s not especially despised. maybe seen as a little weird, but not widely hated or anything. dress up as a character, go to the midnight premiere of a movie, babble till you’re blue in the face about the mechanics of a made-up spaceship, sign up for a website to pretend to be in a fictional magic school, it’s all good fun

but the SECOND

you dare to care about relationships in a thing??? ugh what a weirdo, the internet sure is full of creeps, get that out of here

I DON’T KNOW ok i guess the rest of those things i listed do get looked down on, but not with the VEHEMENCE I seem to see towards even the most casual shipping? especially if it’s two men. WOW EW NOT A DRAWING OF A HUG, GROSS, PEOPLE WILL READ STUFF INTO ANYTHING

adjkgf; I’M NOT… EVEN MUCH OF A SHIPPER! My biggest emotional investment in a fictional relationship is a dude’s attachment to a boat. Most of the time I’m a “oh hey that’s cool, what a good art” and sidle along kind of person. I have minimal preferences, and little to no personal investment. But that doesn’t mean I’m a giant fucking douche to people that are the opposite of me!

like, even in that previous post about fan art vs “”real”” art, there’s complaints in the OP about those damn fans and their shipping ew how dare they

Ugh, fuck you internet jerks. People are allowed to care about emotions. People are allowed to care about characters!! That is often the point of them!!!! They’re not doing fandom wrong just because they’re not doing it exactly like you.

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Social Waste Product: Fan Art




I spent the morning un-following a bunch of very talented people on Tumblr.

That feels like a really weird thing to say. And it is.

It was nearly a dozen different artists in all, and they were all extremely talented. Part of what moved me to Follow them in the first place was their skill. In…

I agree with this so much. I watch many different people of varying skill level and focus, but the defining thread is that they produce original work and have original stories in their heads. I like young artists a lot for this reason; sometimes the stories aren’t the best but the feeling and brain power behind them is there.

Fanartists can do incredible work too, but as a consumer of art it’s as significant as the difference between eating a meal and eating someone else’s vomit.

Original storytelling and the forms of creativity you’re talking about is another artistic muscle in itself. Some artists use the hell out of it, and some don’t. It’s great that you prefer original storytelling but calling artist’s work vomit is over the top.

I can’t really agree with the sentiment either. Original vs fanart is a personal preference, not an indication of artistic worth. I can see placing less merit on fanart pieces that so closely imitate the source material that it’s almost indistinguishable, perhaps, but to say that fanart of any volume is somehow devoid of critical and original thinking is a ludicrous claim.

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to constantly look at the same subject matter and unfollowing people because of it, or being turned off by an artist whose work has plateaued or is repetitive. I don’t think it’s fair to justify being bored and uninspired by an artist’s work, however, by denouncing them as an artist and devaluing their work for lack of original pieces. Anyone who paints is an artist. Even shitty artists are artists. There’s some really good observations in that original post, but man that really seems unnecessarily, if unintentionally, harsh.

wow i don’t even like pinning the term “artist” to myself half the time and opinions like the ones at the top here are mostly why.

I like drawing. I think it’s fun. I like working within preexisting parameters. Yeah, I HAVE made character designs from scratch, created OCs and whatever, and even written stuff out for them….. and I don’t like it that much. It’s okay, I guess. It’s good to mess with it regularly to keep branch out from my norm.

But when I have a choice? I like to do fanart. I don’t WANT to do original comics as a career. I don’t WANT to have my own show. I don’t WANT to be a director. I just want to animate or storyboard. I want to join projects that other people thought up and help them bring THEIR vision to life, draw in THEIR style.

I don’t have ~~~amazing worlds~~~ in my head. I just want to draw shit, why the fuck do I have to be a writer too? Will I have to sculpt next? Let me warn you, my clumsy-ass family and chisels do not get along, it will end poorly.

Ok, got way off topic really fast there. I get not being into the subject matter and unfollowing, I’d have to be a giant jerk not to, but the whole “as a consumer of art” thing came off way more “everyone feels this way” than “this is just how I feel” (even though that latter sentiment is probably how the poster intended it) and got me all riled up.

honestly I think it’s as silly to expect anyone who can draw a thing to be an amazingly creative person who writes plots as to expect them to be a fantastic graphic designer, or for the designer to be a great illustrator, or the illustrator to be a brilliant musician, so on and so forth. one creative talent or interest does not guarantee another.

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yo guys listen up


guys there is this thing

it’s pretty great

it’s called reverse image search

 see what you do is you go here

and you drag your unsourced image and drop it into the search bar

like wow what a hot piece of art, how am i ever going to find the source for this with my unlimited internet resources! i guess i will just not even try!!!!


drag that shit and drop it as instructed.

lo and behold, what is this name i see!???

it is tubbsen! an excellent, wonderful, clever artist, who doubtless expended energy and effort drawing this piece of fanart!

and now you are at the original source, from which you can reblog at your leisure. 

this has been a tutorial on how not to be an asshole. 

Not only does this deserve all the reblogs, I’d also like to note that you should look for signatures. They’re not always super legible, but if they’re there and you can make them out, you can often find the artist that way.

I know I sign all mine with a frickin url you can just dump in the source box, and most people’s tumblrs get indexed by google- I just tried the pseudonyms of half the art team and a random smattering of names off my dashboard and they came up in the first or second result. Lexxy’s got her tumblr, portfolio, AND dA as top results, which ain’t too fuckin shabby for a common-ish nickname. The author of this very lovely post about reverse search comes up as first result. Want a harder search, like something only signed Shelby? Sure, “shelby” alone isn’t going to do squat, but let’s try “shelby homestuck”- oh, yep, right past the little youtube links,

I know it’s not always easy to track artists- there’s url swaps and people neglect to link their stuff all the time- but Google is really freakin good at what it does.

You can put in the same modicum of effort it takes to upload the stupid thing, can’t you?

Toby has this weird obsession with licking blankets and sheets. He’ll just sit there in one spot and lick, lick, lick. I know it’s not anything on them because he’ll often do it with stuff fresh from the wash. If you try to take him or the blankets away, he gets agitated and tries to get back to them and continue. If you let him return, he’ll seek out the exact same spot he had before to keep on licking.

Between this, his rock collecting, and his MUST POP ALL BUBBLES week long triple checking, he kind of has a lot of obsessive behaviors.

But I guess at least his fixations don’t harm him, at worst they just leave my bed kind of damp.

oh my fucking god 100+ notes in like a minute


aaaahahhhhhhh i felt so bad while waiting for the eoa because i thought my assets were so boring and probably going to be really forgettable BUT THEN




Thank you all oh wow ♥ I wish I could respond individually but please know it means like SUPER A LOT to me. Being on the art team has been so much fun, even when you’re just playing backup. Maybe especially when you’re just playing backup. I’m really proud to have been part of this.