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"I Can’t Find Your Fucking Next Page Arrows So Let Me Just Manually Type ‘/page/2’ You Dirtfuck" - A History of Tumblr Layouts

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you’d think people would learn after the 5 million deviantart blowups that social media services do need to claim the ability to reproduce your work for their service

like if the claim like, royalties or some shit or the ability to reproduce your work outside of the service it’s wrong and should be yelled about (wasn’t this the instagram thing? and it was successfully protested) but like. you need to put it in your ToS that you make thumbnails and host the images uploaded by users. thats how this stuff works.

i dont know im old and im tired of people flipping their lids over the exact same clauses every two years

i wanna do the 100% view meme, are there any particular pictures anyone wants to see?